Unleashing your software's power through expert guidance.

With bespoke solutions and individualized coaching, we turn intricate software into a dynamic tool for your success. Let's navigate the digital world together, paving the way for your business's growth and efficiency.

About us

Dev Dilemmas, is a dynamic software consulting firm with a heartfelt mission to unlock potential - transforming your software goals into reality. We diligently utilize our extensive experience gained from across the spectrum of software roles, totaling over 30 years, to provide focused strategies for your technology stack.

Our team is well-versed in JavaScript, TypeScript, and associated frameworks, with a particular emphasis on the Node ecosystem. You also benefit from our proficiency in various backend technologies. Our Fractional CTO services are an additional offering tailored to give your business the leverage it needs.

We are both seasoned professionals with a track record ranging from supporting Fortune 100 companies to implementing and managing a global platform. As regular open-source contributors and prolific speakers, we believe in sharing knowledge that enhances growth.

At Dev Dilemmas, you'll discover solutions catered to diverse organizations – early-stage startups craving dynamic solutions or established corporations seeking reliable technology partners. We're here to simplify your software dilemmas so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.


We believe that our strength lies in our collaborative approach, which puts our clients at the center of everything we do.

John Christopher
John Christopher
Principal Consultant
Nick Nisi
Nick Nisi
Principal Consultant


We help you identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

Fractional CTO

Need help working towards a Minimum Viable Product and Product/Market fit? Or has your product already found traction, and you need help growing teams, introducing and implementing processes and structure for optimal collaboration and efficiency? Either way, Dev Dilemmas has the experience required to help in both cases.


Need hands-on support? We provide custom support contracts covering code reviews and performance optimizations to complete application development.


Whether On-site, virtual, or online at-your-own-pace modules, we can provide customized training tailored to your team's needs.